How do I get your hosting?

You can just contact us by phone or email about your requirement or select any plan on the website. We will send you an email with simplified instructions for operating your domain settings (alternatively, we can do it for you). After the settings, we will link the hosting and send you the credentials of the file manager and MySQL database. If you want to have a CMS, we can pre-install it in your account.

When do we pay you?

For hosting and SSL customers, we first link the hosting to their account and to get their website up as early as possible. We expect the customer to pay within 2 days otherwise we have to suspend their account. After the payment, we process the SSL certificate which makes their domain green.

What if I am not satisfied with the services?

You can inform us within 15 days about any incidence of your dissatisfaction. We take such notes seriously to improve our services. In case we are not able to provide you with the value that we promised, we will refund your payment.