Lite Techy Plan

Storage: maximum of ₹0.009 per file per day or ₹0.009 per MB per day
Bandwidth: ₹0.01 per MB

Ideal for non-complex websites. Generally, such websites do not have more than 100 files or 50 MB. Yearly charge for such websites would be less than ₹600-700.

Power techy plan

₹1000 per year

Benefits: Storage: up to 2000 files
Bandwidth: up to 200MB per day.

Any excess usage will be charged as per Lite Techy Plan computed every day.

This plan is ideal for WordPress hosting or similar content management system. A WordPress installation consumes about 1000 files and the rest 1000 files are enough and won't be consumed by content postings in it as WordPress stores it's posts in a database and not in the form of files.

Our tech support

We do the linking of your domain to the hosting and also install the SSL certificate for your website. You don't have to worry about anything. Our tech team can also assist you to get your website online and solve any issues just on a phone call away!